Abraham Lingo (aka Abraham 101)


When people first get introduced to Abraham-Hicks (lately, via a ton of YouTube videos that Abraham students have posted), they often appreciate the message, but very quickly may have questions arise . . . sometimes about the metaphors Abraham offers up (i.e., to help people grasp the more subjective experiences and abstract concepts being referred to), and sometimes simply about the terminology being used.

Examples: What’s a Grid? What’s a Vortex? What does “Go downstream” mean?

My friend Zehra has studied Abraham for many years and is someone who enjoys both living and sharing the principles of Abraham’s teachings. (She is also a mother and a financial advisor in Canada.) Zehra recently compiled a small book of definitions—titled “Abraham 101”—to help Abraham students more swiftly and easily achieve an understanding of the basic terms, concepts and metaphors used by Abraham.

Here is a link to her book, and the Table of Contents. You can visit her site to read a sample and buy the book. Enjoy!


Table of Contents

Introduction 1
The Basic Tenants of the Law of Attraction 3
Manifesting, Resistance and Beliefs 4
Three Steps to Manifesting 5
Rockets of Desire 6
Like attracts like 7
Thought forms and Creations: Vibrational Reality 7
Energy, rivers of thought and thought forms 9
Contrast 9
What is Source, Who is God? 10
Alignment 13
Inner-being 14
The Leading Edge of Creation 15
The Purpose of life and Expansion of the Universe 15
There is no death – you are alive and alive 16
Past Life Regression 17
The Vortex 17
The Spinning Grid Discs and Momentum 20
17 Seconds to Creation 22
Co-creation 22
Power of Influence 23
The Stream 24
The Two Ends of a Stick 25
Hitting a tree at 5 miles an hour 26
Your navigation system is like Magellan 27
Tuning in to a radio station 27
The power of focus and the food buffet 28
Falling from an aircraft without a parachute 29
Laying new pipes 30
Pre-paving and Segment Intending 32
The Book of Positive Aspects 33
Focus Wheels 35
Meditation 37
Parting words 38


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